What is "black henna"?​

Black henna is full of chemicals. Mainly a chemical called PPD (para-phenylenediamine), which is found in hair dye, rubber chemicals, polyurathane and benzene (an ingredient found in gasoline).

This is what gives you the black colour on your skin.

Imagine having all those chemicals run into your bloodstream when you let the death paste sit on your skin for hours and hours.
Also, the cones you find in stores could also include all these chemicals. You can smell it instantly, and that is why it stains you right away, and also peels off right away. This has been confirmed to me by many clients who used to use these "emergency" cones from their local stores. As well that is why they are so cheap to purchase as the cones are made in bulk with all these harmful chemicals.

Natural henna will not have the darkest stain right away. It takes 24 to 48 hours for it to deepen to the darkest stain (about a deep cherry maroon/red). It also does not peel away so soon. It will be rich in colour for at least 5 to 7 days until it slowly starts to fade away. For it to be completely gone, it may take several weeks and sometimes even a month.

​What can black henna do to you?

In worst cases, it can cause damage to your liver, kidney, and possibly cancer. It can also scar/burn you. Sometimes it is temporary but there is the potential for it to be permanent. Why risk that, when you can get absolutely gorgeous results from natural henna!
If you are getting henna done at a local festival, fair, or even internationally while on vacation, you have all the right to ask what is in the paste.

Mixing henna is no big secret. Any genuine, professional henna artist will tell you what is in their paste.

NJ’s Unique Henna Art only uses the henna powder itself, lemon juice, sugar, and essential oils.​

NJ's Unique Henna Art does NOT use or support the use of black henna.   Our paste is 100% natural and fresh.

Be smart and safe. Please take a few minutes to do some research on the dangers of black henna and you will be horrified by all the results.

Also, for your information, the use of black henna is illegal in Canada.
So, PLEASE stay away from "Black Henna" and just stick with natural henna!

Many people these days are inquiring about the death paste "black henna"; not knowing the dangers behind it. First of all, henna is never black. Natural henna is plant based, and only turns out in shades of orange, red, or a deep cherry maroon. Natural henna never stains black!

Black Henna Warning