Getting ready for a wedding? Ensure that your henna is done to impeccable quality, so that it turns out just the way you want. We offer a number of unique designs that will make you stand out, on your special day. To get an exact quote, we strongly suggest all brides book an appointment and come in for a FREE consultation. We will walk you through designs, and help you get an idea of prices. You can also review the contract. If you are then satisfied, you can fill/sign the contract and pay your deposit to book your date.

*Please take note*
We do travel to your home, with a minimum booking of $160 within Scarborough; a 14km-20km radius or $200+ within a 25km-35km+ radius and $250+ within a 40km+ radius (reasonable distance) before travel fees.
 - By appointment only. Please call or email to book your appointment ahead of time. Walk-ins are not accepted.

 - We recommend you book your date with us ahead of time to avoid any disappointments. As spring and summer events is the busiest season (April – September), please try to book at least 6 months to 1 year ahead of time.

 - A $50 deposit is required to confirm your date.  Deposits are non-refundable and it is deducted from the total on the day of the event.

Simple Bridal Henna


Price:  $100 and up


​This includes simple designs on the front and back of both hands, and tops of feet.

This option best suits brides who think less is more.


Please note, a minimum of $150 worth of services is required in order for us to travel to your location.  If the total is below $150, the session is performed at our location in Scarborough.

Medium to Heavy Bridal Henna


Price:  $150 to $400 and up


​This includes medium to heavy intricate designs on the front and back of both hands/arms and tops of feet.​

Please note, this is only an estimated price range. Everyone’s definition of “medium” or “heavy” is different. Exact pricing depends on the design chosen and the length you go up to; ¼ past the wrist, midway-forearm, or up to the elbow line.


Also, if you choose this option we do travel to your desired location.