Aspiring henna artist, Nadra Jiffry, has always had a passion for art since early childhood. From designing dresses, doodling on test papers, to painting portraits, she discovered a new passion and interest in the art of henna. Simple designs of henna applied on herself and family members, soon took a drastic turn once those simple designs turned into intricate pieces of art that she applied on clients of her own.

Having a variety of artistic achievements under her belt ranging from Visual Arts, Fashion, Applied Design, Photography and Communication Technology, has helped her dramatically improve her artistic skills. Today, Nadra stands as a wife to a wonderful husband and a proud mother to her beautiful children, and upholds her business as a full time henna artist, which she founded in 2008. The name Nadra itself means unique and rare, and so are her designs. NJ’s Unique Henna Art acknowledges the importance of one’s individuality and thus serves every individual in their own unique way. Every design that is produced is different, off scratch, and ranges from Western, Indian, Arabic and traditional backgrounds in order to suit your taste, and idea of what unique means to you.

The Artist